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The effect there types a telephone owner when they first contact your Skilled Office can have an immediate impact in your success. The busy secretary or receptionist can quickly follow practices and perceptions around the phone which can be, to state the least, discouraging for your Customers. Continue reading


DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET – It is a common issue which occurs while browsing the internet using Google Chrome. There are not many solutions available in order to fix the DNS issue.

This sort of error occurs since an issue with the default DNS server. But now you can easily fix this issue just by changing the default DNS server to other DNS services. But there may be other reasons for creating this error so you could not fix this issue just by changing the DNS server.

In this article, we are presenting some of the solutions regarding how to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET. These solutions are very effective and may definitely sort your issue while browsing the internet using the Google chrome. Lets we see the details in a stepwise manner.



In order to fix the issue, you just need to open first the Command prompt along with Admin rights. After opening the command prompt, copy & paste the following commands step by step:

    • ipconfig /release
      ipconfig /all
      ipconfig /flushdns
      ipconfig /renew
      netsh int ip set dns
      netsh winsock reset

Afterwards, you require restarting your computer. When you restart your computer and again try to access the internet, then you shall able to access the internet. But if still face an issue then you need to try the second solution which we are providing below.


You should need to try this solution if the solution does not work and still facing such error while using Google chrome. Here see the following steps to fix this error.

STEP 1 – First open the run dialogue box using (WIN Key + R). Type the following command in run dialogue box “devmgmet.msc”. Now click on OK to open the device manager.

STEP 2 – Now find & expand the network adapter option.

STEP 3 – Here choose the working network adapter listed here and right click on that. Now click on the update driver software option.

STEP 4 – It will open a dialogue box. Now choose the option Browse My Computer for Driver Software.

STEP 5 – Afterwards click on the options button that is “Let Me Pick from a List of Device Drivers on My Computer”

STEP 6 – Here choose the compatible network hardware. And proceed further just by clicking on next button.

STEP 7 – after this windows will install driver software. You shall get to see a dialogue box on successful driver update if this driver is successfully installed. Now, what you need to do?  Just try to reconnect to your internet and you shall see that your issue has been resolved now.


Here we have provided two solutions for DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET. The provided solutions might have work for many users and we do hope that this article would definitely work for you. One thing you need to keep in your mind that all the provided steps need to follow in sequence as they are listed. So try these solutions and explore the internet for getting more information.

Things You Don’t Know About WhatsApp Plus

Like the popularity of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus was also a good attempt of the developer to draw the attention of the android mobile users. If you would like to try it on your PC, you should go ahead and download android emulator for pc.


WhatsApp plus includes many of the hidden features from which the regular users are unaware of. In this article we are going to discuss about some of such features of WhatsApp Plus.

  1. Introduction to WhatsApp Plus: many of the people who hear the word or the app name “WhatsApp Plus”, the first thought which come to their mind is that WhatsApp plus might be the latest version of WhatsApp. So it is the first very basic thing that the WhatsApp plus user should know about this app. WhatsApp Plus is not the another or the latest version of WhatsApp rather it has no relation with WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus is another android app that has been developed by the senior xda member- Rafealete.
  2. Features of WhatsApp plus: the developer has tried his best to make it different and advanced from the original WhatsApp by adding many of the additional functionalities into the app like change in the icon color, change of the background themes, change in the font colors according to the user preference, many stylish and attractive emoctions, built-in themes and many others. WhatsApp Plus includes more than 2000 themes for the users. This is one of the most promising feature of this app.whatsapp-vs-whatsapp-plus1
  3. Is WhatsApp Plus Legal? When it comes to whether WhatsApp plus is legal or not, there is no such claim found of its being illegal. But many of the facts raise question against WhatsApp plus. Earlier, WhatsApp Plus was made available on Google Play Store for the android users to download it for free but in 2012 it was removed due to some reasons. Another fact is that, WhatsApp has removed many of its users accounts after January 21st, 2015 because they were using WhatsApp plus in parallel. WhatsApp claimed third party application for this act and third party application is against WhatsApp’s T&C (Terms & Conditions).

When one of the WhatsApp Plus user sent a query to WhatsApp officials asking whether WhatsApp plus is legal or not, the reply was as expected by most of the WhatsApp users that “WhatsApp plus is not legal, use it on your own risk.”

Though WhatsApp Plus is quite good app and better than regular WhatsApp, but it has many of the issues related to its installing in the android also. Many of the users say that it takes very long time in its initializing process i.e. even more than 15-20 minutes. Another user claimed that it is necessary to have any of the versions of WhatsApp pre-installed into the mobile else WhatsApp Plus will not get install into your android mobile.

Keeping all of the above mentioned things in mind the person who still wants to have atleast one trial of WhatsApp plus, must collect good information about WhatsApp Plus and then go for it as WhatsApp officials may suspend the same user’s WhatsApp account.

How-To Install WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp plus is another version of WhatsApp. The version is named as 6.60 and was released on January 21st, 2015. This version of WhatsApp is developed to differ in many of the features of the previous version of WhatsApp. You should go ahead and have whatsapp plus download


As the popularity of WhatsApp is so much that 100 million new users get registered on WhatsApp within 3 months duration from January 2015 to April 2015.

Features of WhatsApp Plus: WhatsApp plus includes many of the latest features which are completely different from the previous version of WhatsApp. The features are enlisted as below:

  1. Chang in icon color: previously WhatsApp’s theme icon was in green color but the WhatsApp plus icon has been changed to blue instead of traditional green.
    Flexibility to change the colors: now the users can change the colors according to their choice. For example users can change the background color, header color etc.
    Location Sharing: it’s another features enabled in WhatsApp plus. This features shares the current location of the user to his/her WhatsApp friends.


  2. Extended Video Size: it’s the most popular feature in WhatsApp plus. Previously the WhatsApp video size was restricted to just 16 MB but WhatsApp plus allows to share the videos upto 50 MB in size.
  3. New Themes: besides the extended video size the new WhatsApp themes are also another prominent feature of WhatsApp plus. New themes have been included to provide WhatsApp plus more attractive GUI (Graphic User Interface).
  4. Font Colors: now the WhatsApp users can also choose the different font colors of their choice. Like different color for read or unread messages and different color for group messages as well. It makes WhatsApp plus more popular.
    How to Download WhatsApp Plus ?

One of the best way to enjoy WhatsApp plus on android mobile is to download it from Google Play Store. It is available for free to all. The steps to download WhatsApp plus are as follows:

  • Go to google play store.
  • Go to “Apps” section.
  • Search for “WhatsApp plus”
  • Now tap on “WhatsApp Plus”
  • If user is already having WhatsApp, tap on “Update”.
  • Now auto update and download begins that will update the WhatsApp to WhatsApp plus version.
  • The android who haven’t installed WhatsApp, click on “install” which will install the WhatsApp automatically in their android mobile.
  • Now just like crating any account complete the procedure to enjoy WhatsApp.

Many of the users are still unaware of the WhatsApp Plus though it was released a long time ago. WhatsApp Plus proved itself a strong competitor of WhatsApp as it includes many of the features that are not available for the users in WhatsApp as well. These new features of WhatsApp plus drew enormous mass of the android users to download and use WhatsApp plus. So it may be concluded that WhatsApp Plus is better than WhatsApp as looking to many of the advanced features of WhatsApp plus.